Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back to School Part 4: Student-to-Faculty Flirting

Most professors (at least at my college) don't flirt with their students, and that's why I'm not addressing faculty-to-student flirting. But I have seen my share of student-to-faculty flirting, which makes me want to puke up my entire digestive tract in one foul purge for the following reasons:

1. Student/faculty romantic relationships are strictly prohibited at most educational institutions.

2. Most professors I have are married.

3. A lottttt of students at here are married.

Which means:

4. Most students who flirt with their professors are super duper skankity-skank home wrecking hooch bags. Male or female.

They should take their gum-smacking cleavage-showing joke-giggling eyelash-batting self as far away from my professor as possible. I don't care if he is dreamy like Mr. Schuester.

Student-to-faculty flirting must go.


  1. OMG. We have a girl in one of our classes who is completely and obviously in love with our professor. I wasn't in class today and my friend e-mailed me this: "However, it was entertaining as we walked to and from donut days, it was amazing how the German Nation finagled her way to walking next to Dr. Callahan the entire time. Once it was a rather awkward and obvious maneuver." Gross.

  2. Even David laughed out loud at this one. I totally agree. And I'm stealing the term "hooch bag" for future use.

  3. Mmmmmm. Mr. Schue.

    I'm sure all the married professors at BYU appreciate your defense of their virtue.


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