Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I feel like it's probably not necessary to write out a lengthy explaination as to why Ke$ha needs to go, so I'll keep these sentiments brief. Like a speedo.
  • Ke$ha spells her name with a dollar sign.
  • She has the most annoying valley-girl voice I have ever heard.
  • She thinks it is awesome and unique to misspell the titles to the songs she slurs.
  • I tried to pull up some lyrics as further proof that she is a non-contributor to the music world, but her lyrics website gave my computer an electronic STD and I had to shut the whole thing down.
  • The song that I was looking at as an example of her idiotic filth uses the phrase "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH" over and over again and makes several allusions to committing unspeakable acts whilst drunk in a club.
  • And finally, she looks like a hot mess. Barfing diamonds.

For the love of all that is musical, and in support of the fight against venereal disease,

Ke$ha must go.


  1. Kristin!

    I love your new blog. It is Hil-Ar-I-Ous. seriously. Your blog must never go. (cheesy, I know).


  2. I'm sorry, but since when is looking like a hot mess a bad thing? It's my whole goal in life! Every day when I leave the house, I look at my self in the mirror, add one more accessory (that old adage about taking one off? so done!), and with a very critical eye, ask myself, "Do I look like a HOT mess today? Or just a lukewarm mess?"

    ALSO, I'm deeply offended because, as horrid as she is, I kind of love her music. But she both spells and pronounces her name wrong.

  3. ROFL.
    she also wears a vile of her placenta around her neck.


  4. I agree. Ke$ha MUST go! She drives me insane! Her lyrics don't even make sense. Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack? They only get let in if they look like Mick Jagger? And she's ugly. And her songs are naughty. She does not look like a hot mess. She just looks like a mess.

    I love your blog, it's hilarious! Thanks for blogging. Oh and my friend wrote a post about Ke$ha, you should check it out--her blog is pretty funny too I bet you'd like it :) It's here:


What must go, must go.