Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Men's Skinny Jeans

I just really don't understand the allure of "skinny" jeans on men. I've come to accept today's skinny jeans for women. They are much better looking than the tapered mom jeans of yore, and they can really flatter some (female) figures quite beautifully. Personally, I have never worn skinny jeans because I have yet to find a pair that I can pull up past my knees. Mostly because my thighs are out of control. And also because I don't really try to find them. Anyway.

Tapered 80's jeans = Belong on Angela from Who's The Boss

Skinny jeans on girls = attractive and stylish.

Skinny jeans on boys = oh my goodness someone please poke out my eyes with a javelin.

Wrangler butts do not drive me nuts.

Men's skinny jeans must go.


  1. Skinny jeans were invented by Satan to make us feel bad about our mortal bodies.


What must go, must go.