Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Screen Creepers

Let's talk about screen creepers.

Screen Creeper noun: An individual, colleague, or cubicle-mate who unscrupulously looks at your computer screen for extended periods of time. Screen Creepers may read your personal email over your shoulder, laugh at the blog you are reading, or give you unsolicited advice on how to articulate your instant messenger responses. These individuals may also belong to the hoverer family, and usually exhibit complete ambivalence to social cues.

Screen creepers drive me bonkers, and I just don't know how to solve the problem. I feel like it might be unreasonably harsh for me to command them to avert their eyes from my personal business as I slap them across their creeper face. On the other hand, subtle clues that you do not appreciate their eyes laser-beaming to your screen every time they have a spare moment would probably be too complex for their socially retarded radar to pick up on.

How to stop a screen creeper: no one knows.

Therefore, screen creepers must go.

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  1. This is how you stop them: http://www.amazon.com/3M-Standard-Notebook-Computers-diagonally/dp/B00006B8A9



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