Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping Carts that Shock

I grabbed a shopping cart today at my local grocery store and it immediately shocked me. I didn't think twice about it because it was looking and sounding pretty good as far as shopping carts go. All four wheels were touching the floor, there were no weird squeaky sounds when I turned, it looked clean, the wheels moved smoothly and silently... etc... so I happily continued my quest for sustenance.

10 steps later it shocked me again. Fluke, I thought. Weird, I thought. Probably not going to happen again, I thought.

2 aisles later... shock.

Produce section... shock shock.

What the devil? By this time I already had food in my cart so I didn't want to turn around and switch carts. That would be a weird thing to do. And I'm not weird.

I tried being careful about not shuffling my feet, not touching my hair, staying away from metal objects and anything else I could think of that I may have been doing to build up unwanted static electricity. I had zero luck with that. As soon as I thought the shocks were gone, they would return again with a vengeance. And they hurt.

I guess sometimes shopping carts just hatefully shock you, even when you don't do anything rude to them first.

Shopping carts that shock must go.

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