Friday, August 12, 2011


Spiders are the rudest insects in the world. Think about it. They are so intrusive. What other creature would gleefully walk on your face and crawl up your nose just because it can?

"Oh look, a nostril. Don't mind if I do."

I've actually heard spiders say this.

Spiders are also rude. I've found them napping on my bed like they own the place. Then the spiders are always like: "Oh sorry, did you wanted to sleep here? Don't answer that, because I'm not sorry. I'm happy your night has been ruined by my presence. It pleases me greatly."

Spiders get all up in people's business just to see what's going on. And then, if it suits them, they bite you. And they are ugly. And sometimes they are really speedy. And they make nasty egg sacs in the worst possible locations. And their webs get all on you sometimes when you're in nature.


Oh and P.S. sometimes they kill you...


  1. I have tried twice now to post a comment and it told me my account does not have permission to view this page. I just want to post something about how horrible spiders are, why won't you let me?!?!?!?!

    This is Jessica, btw.

  2. tis nicole.
    doing the same anonymous crap. that spide on a flap of nasty SKIN!?!?

  3. It's not nasty skin. Just some type of lacy fabric. Spiders are so snooty.


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