Monday, August 8, 2011

Miley Cyrus

Let's talk about this. Billy Ray Cyrus had ONE hit. How many years ago? 19. The peak of Billy's fame occured when he was a musical guest during the last five minutes of "America's Funniest Home Videos" in the early 90s.

How is it POSSIBLE then, that both Miley and her father have stretched their 15 minutes of fame into 20 years of buffoonery?

The Disney Channel does have a knack for creating pop stars in their little annoying-human factory. Most of these pop stars release one album which no one listens to and then are never heard of again, but every now and then someone who is truly talented will break free from Disney and become a legitimate artist (Justin Timberlake must NOT go. He can stay forever).  Unfortunately, Miley is not one of those rare gems, but Billy Ray jumped right on the fame train behind his mildly talented daughter anyway.

And can we talk about the situation with her teeth? They haunt me. I can hear them. I swear I can.

I would die a happy woman if I never had to hear Miley's teeth or see Billy's sideburns ever again.

Miley Cyrus must go.

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  1. Excellent word choice, buffonery. Very apropos.


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